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SUMMARY of the Two Chinese Documents

The two Chinese documents herewith reveal a real story:

In the South East of China, in a seaport village called [jing-nan], on the outskirts of a city called Changle, Fujian Province, Mainland China, there had been a magnificent Roman Catholic Church, built in 1909 by European missionaries. For very many years, it had been the center of local Catholic worship.

Since the Communist revolution in 1949, for long years in the sixties and seventies, the church building had been occupied by the local communist government. Many priests and church members were arrested, tortured, and annihilated. But in spite of severe persecution, the light has not been extinguished. The villagers still uphold their Christian faith in their hearts.

During more recent years, the Chinese Communists carried out a mild policy, "open policy" as it is called. In the eighties, the Chinese government declared "Freedom of Religion" and asked the lower provincial governments to return the occupied churches to the faithful.

Whereas the villagers went back to their old church. But they were sad, because the church building, through long years of mistreatment, was thoroughly worn out. It was in a very poor state. Altars and furniture no more - windows broken - roofs and walls cracked. They wanted to restore their old church. In 1991 and 1996 (April), twice they scraped up money and hired contractors to carry out a renovation. But twice, in 1991 and 1996, the local communist authorities stopped them and pulled down the new church building. This is what the government documents reveal.

Details of Document One: A report of the village Communist Committee to their boss, a higher Communist Committe

Details of Document Two: A punishment notification issued by the Communist Construction committee of the City of Changle

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