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Saturday, 17 March 2001
[prepared December 17th, 2001]

On December 15th, 2000, nearly 200 people were gathering at Brother Yin's house at Shilipu of Jimen City. On the second day of the meeting, several policemen from Shangyang police station rushed in and broke up the meeting and took everything away from the meeting, including 150 cotton-padded quilts, 1,000 kg (about 2,204 lbs) of pork, 100 kg (220 lbs) of chicken, 500 kg (1102 lbs) cooking oil, 500 kg (1102 lbs) of rice, several bags of clothes. The grain and color TVs of the family who hosted the attendants were also taken away.

On October 18th, 1999 while over eighty Christian workers were attending a retreat in Huzheng's house at Lengbing Zhen (town) of Zhongxang, [the policemen from] the Bingshui police station rushed in and broke up the gathering. They took away everything from the meeting, including over 100 cotton-padded quilts, twenty sacks of yarn, shoes and clothes. Over 8,000 jin (8818 lbs.) of grain was also taken away from the families who had hosted the gathering.

In the February 2000, over 100 believers were gathering together at Xiao Bing's house at Hexi District of Zhong Xiang for a Pillar Assembly (zhu shi hui). The policemen from Yingzhong police station broke in and dispersed the people from the gathering. The people there lost over 120 cotton-padded quilts and the lost money, clothes, belongings, grain and oil are countless.

On November 24th 2000, because a villager named Xie Dong had informed [the police], 150 boxes in which there were 27,800 copies of Salvation and China - a special issue of South China, which were hidden at Tang Jiahuan's house at Hungchuang of Ying Zhong, Zhong Xiang, were confiscated. In January 1999, 2,200 copies of [Christian] books and journals were also confiscated from Qi zu (Seventh Group) in Xiang Wang village of Duobao in Tianmen.

On May 27th, 2001, after the incident, a box of jewelry, over 30,000 yuan (about $3750) and more than 1,000,000 yuan ($125,000) from the church bank account, which were years of offerings from the believers, were confiscated by the police. On the same night over 600 boxes of the [South China] special issues (200 copies in each box) were also taken away from the houses of other people. On September 27th, Sun Minghua (Gao Yuan)'s house was searched by some policemen, who confiscated all the church bank saving account statement which was kept at her house. In August, Huang Gangen's phone was bugged and his house was searched. The police took away the saving account bank statement he kept for the church and they confiscated all the money.

Liu Cuilan at Bailing Village of Yangzi Town in Zhongxiang city has a large house of 140 meters2 (about 1506 ft2.) for the [Christians] gatherings, which was torn down by the policemen from Yingzhong police station in August 2001. All the rafters, bricks, tiles, windows and doors were taken away. Another big house of 160 meters2 (1772 ft2.) in Wuhe Town of Zhongxiang City for hosting [the believers] was also torn down by the police and they took everything away, such as bricks, tiles, rafters, windows and doors. Several other houses in other areas were also torn down, but we cannot give more details due to the lack of information.

Up until now, all these years of offerings from the believers were taken away without leaving us even one cent. From May 27th till now, the total confiscated cash by itself amounts to about 20,000,000 yuan ($2,500,000).
This is the loss only in Hubei province because we do not have any information about other areas.

Letter from Yulan

Testimony of Cui Guilian

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