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Saturday, 15 December 2001

December 15, 2001

Dear Church mother,
Peace in the Lord!
I've been away from you Mother for several months and miss you very much. I'm now going to tell you what happened to me in the prison. On August 13th , 2001, I was arrested by the policemen from Shipai police station around 8:00 p.m. when I went out to make a phone call. I was beaten up [by the policemen] that night. Other people who were attending the meeting (altogether ten) were also arrested.

On the following morning (August 14th), we were tied up and taken to the detention house of Zhongxiang police station and the interrogation started on the 15th. Although I don't know much about the country's laws, I know that the interrogation time should not exceed the regular period. However, almost every one of us was interrogated right after breakfast (about seven o'clock) until eleven or twelve o'clock at night before we were allowed to go back to the cell. Li Li (Li Tongjin), one of our group, was interrogated the whole day and did not return to the cell that night. We were all exhausted and our bodies were covered with blisters from the electric prods. These blisters were not on our face, hands or backs, but on our chests and breasts. After Li Li came back from her interrogation, she told me that the people who interrogated her forcefully attempted to unbutton her clothes and tried to take them off and beat her with the electric prods. "How many times have you slept with the teacher? (referring to Pastor Gong - translator)" they asked again and again while beating her up. They did not stop beating and questioning her until Li Li told them that she would go to a hospital with them for a test.

Another woman, Tong Cuili, was also beaten up and forced to admit that she had an affair with the teacher. [The police in the detention house] unbuttoned her clothes and touched her breasts with an electric prod. She was covered with dirt and mud after the beating, so [the policemen], being afraid that their cruelty would be exposed, knocked off the dust and dirt before allowing her to go back to the cell. Later, I heard from those policemen that Tong Cuili really did not deserve a three-year imprisonment. "First we were going to give her one-year imprisonment. Then, since she cooperated with us, we won't give her any sentence and she will go home in fifteen days." Every one of us who had gone through the interrogation was insulted and humiliated in an attempt to force us to admit that we had had affairs with the teacher. They beat us if we refused to admit it, and some of us couldn't take the beating any longer and said that they did have affair with the teacher. How wrongly the teacher was accused!

On the 20th, I was taken out for interrogation. When I saw the shackles under the desk as I entered the interrogation room, I understood why each of the sisters looked like after they left that room. I had a hard time breathing at that time and couldn't answer their questions quickly, so one of the interrogators tried to beat me. I lost consciousness within two minutes after the interrogation started (because I was so beaten up at the Shipai police station), and I fainted three time [during the interrogation]. Since they (the policemen) were afraid of causing death, they got a nurse to come and gave me an IV, which I had for five days before they took me back to the detention house. The personnel in the detention house saw how sick I was and didn't want to take me in because they didn't want to take responsibility.

Thus I have been out of prison since August 29th when I was released. At first they tried to break me by force. Seeing me so sick, they tried to coerce me because they intended to use me to get what they wanted. They chose three policemen who were more patient and good at talking to work on me. One of them is Zhang Banghong, head of the Yingzhong police station, one is Bai Tianxiong, head of the Shayang police station, the other is Zhang Liqing from Lengshui police station, who owns a car. They also sent Cui Guilian (among the arrested) to take care of me. Since I had been beaten up and got really sick, I had no appetite for food. So they suspected that I had an affair with the teacher and said that I was not sick but pregnant. One day while I was sleeping, Zhang Hongbang told Cui Guilian to go out and he (a grown up man) approached me with a quiet voice: "Is your period regular?" I ignored him. So they consulted a doctor to see if I was pregnant or not. The doctor ordered a urine test for me.

The following day Cui Guilian took the sample to the department of gynecology and obstetrics for the urine test because they (the policemen) wanted to obtain proof against the teacher. They said that if they could get one of the sisters to admit having an affair with him, they could put him to death. Thus they tried all sorts of methods hoping to get what they needed from me, but they didn't get anything. I didn't know anything about this until later others told me about this. Although they failed to achieve their purpose, they would not give up. Sometimes when I felt sick, Zhang Hongbang asked Cui Guilian to give me a massage. She told him that she didn't know how to do it. So Zhang tried to massage me himself. One night I felt really sick, turning in bed from one side to another. So I asked Cui Guilian to go to her bed to sleep. She didn't want to leave me but I insisted saying that I wanted more space. Then I told her to close her eyes to go to sleep. Seeing me so sick, she just couldn't sleep. In addition, she is very thoughtful and alert.

At this time, Zhang Banghong approached my bed and wanted to give me a massage, which I refused. Since they couldn't get any evidence from me by letting Cui Guilian take care of me, they took her back to her cell the next day claiming that she was very reserved in this [taking care of other people] because she had a unsuccessful marriage. They got Liu Zhongju to take care of me. Liu was not thoughtful or alert. That night, Zhang Banggong took off his shoes and got into my bed. He was sitting at the other end of the bed and pretending to chat with me. He tried to make me laugh by asking all sorts of questions. Meanwhile Li Zhongjui was sleeping in the other bed. I told him that [his talk] was rubbish and reminded him that he was in my bed. He ignore me, which made me so angry that I put my shoes on and walked out.

They often flirted with me. Zhang Hongbang said: "Miss Wang, you are torturing us. In order to serve you, we haven't gone to a barber shop to have our hair washed and cut, nor have we gone to a ball to dance with young girls." Zhang Liqing added: "Don't worry about it. Yulan is very appreciative, and if you serve her well, she won't treat you unfairly." One day when we were in the hospital, Zhang Banghong pointed a girl with big breasts out to me: "You Christian girls don't have breasts," he said. They said that I was so fortunate because there was car taking me everywhere. As a matter of fact, they tried to induce, coerce and use me by taking me to town with a private car, having my pictures taken at Hong Cheng, and buying me snacks. They often reminded me of the teacher, saying with sensation that he had a mistress, and they had a nine-year-old child. The reason why the teacher wanted to get out of the prison so eagerly is because the child was going to school. They also told me how a terrible person the teacher was, who ruined young students like us, who were all the victims.

They wanted to get some proof from me to use against the teacher. I know the teacher well, so no matter what they told me [about the teacher] or what methods they used on me, I know that I could not bear false witness against the innocent teacher. One time they told me that since I was so sick, they could beat me to death and then throw my body into a ditch and no one would find out, including my family. Thus they would not have any one to check on them. However, as they failed in getting anything from me, they changed their attitudes and started cursing me, saying I was ungrateful, cruel and unscrupulous. [Eventually] they had to set me free as I was very sick.

Mother, that is what I went through and what I've heard and seen in prison. I won't talk more about other things because I have so much to tell you but I don't' know where to start …… Keep in a good health.

Daughter: Yulan (Jin Tongyen)

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