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Sunday, 01 December 2002

My name is Cui Guilian and I am 35 years old. I was arrested on the early morning of August 14 when I was attending a gathering. All the old people at the meeting were released and the younger people were taken to Shipai police station, where we were interrogated until about eight o'clock in the morning when we were taken back to the Zhong Xiang police station. Since I only cooked one day for the meeting, they didn't do much to me. However, those young girls (Tong Hao, Yulan, Chi Faling, Tongji, etc.) who were arrested at the same time suffered all sorts of torture and beatings, (they told me about their suffering after they had been interrogated, and I also saw with my own eyes that their bodies were covered with wounds), many of them became unconscious several times after being beaten up, and again and again they were brought back to consciousness when the policemen poured cold water on their face.

On 18th, Tong Tonghao (Tong Cuijuan) and Chi Faling were interrogated the whole day and did not return to the cell until ten o'clock at night. They all looked awful when they returned and kept weeping shamefully under the cover of their quilts. Seeing this I asked Chi Faling what had happened. She showed me the wounds which were all over her body. It turned out that in order to force Chi Faling to admit that she had had an affair with the teacher, they (the policemen) unbuttoned her shirts (Chi had a bra, a T-shirt as well as two other shirts at that time), and poked through the bra to her breasts with a electric prod. Being a thin girl with handcuffs and shackles, she didn't have enough strength to fight against four to five men. The skin on her chest was burned and there were black spots here and there ….. [The policemen] also poked the prod into her pants to touch her lower body, thighs and private parts …. She was covered with wounds and her skin was scraped at places, …. she could not turn in bed because of the wounds and pain ……

What breaks my heart is Yulan, only seventeen years old, was beaten so severely when interrogated at Shipai that she fainted three times within twenty minutes after she was taken to Zhongxiang for further interrogation. She was sent to a hospital only when she became very sick. She had an IV for five days. On the 21st I was told to take care of Yulan and to be by her side day and night and to report [to the policemen] immediately if she stopped breathing. Since Yulan was very sick, she had no appetite for food, but they said that she was pregnant. They told me to take her urine sample to the department of gynecology and obstetrics of a hospital [for the test].

They desperately tried to get any evidence to put the teacher to death. They said that if one of the women admitted that the teacher had raped her, they could give him the death sentence. They thought that they could get what they wanted. In order to get some proof from Yulan, they always flirted with her, such as "Miss Wang, you are torturing us (referring to the heads of Shangyang, Yingzhong and Lengshui police stations, which are all in Zhong Yang [area]). Just because of you, we haven't washed our hair and face so that we could go to the ball to dance with young girls." One of them said playfully: "Our Miss Wang is very appreciative, so she won't treat you unfairly.
Also, Wang Qiong told me that, in order to force her to admit that she was the teacher's mistress, they [the policemen] beat her so badly that she passed out several times ….

They said that if one person admitted to being raped by the teacher, they could shoot him, so they used all sorts of tortures in their interrogation so that they could sentence the teacher to death.

Brief Report

Letter from Yulan

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