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NYC Double-Ten Dinner Dance Invocation By Father Pierre Masson PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 October 2000

October 13, 2000 This year is the occasion of the anniversary of Foundation of Republic of China, 10 October, 1911.  I believe I was invited to this, since 1986...and perhaps earlier ...when I began going to Taiwan to build the project of translations of Catholic Works of culture in Chinese and assume some teaching.

NYC Double-Ten Dinner Dance Invocation By Father Pierre Masson

none Human Right Leader Wei Jingsheng recieves Friendship
Award and Honorable Robert Dornan receives cardinal
Yu Pin Award at Annual Double-Ten Dinner Dance

To the friends of Sino-American Amity at Dinner Dance, Oct.13, 2000, New York:

We are wishing one another these days, Happy Millennium, even in taxis!  That does involve many years indeed, and many events! The history of the Four Centuries leading into the Year 2000 in China was made of glorious progress in Art, Science, Culture, with the help of the artists and scientists called among missionaries from Europe to the Imperial Court, but also it encountered harsh periods with changes of heart to save the integrity of the Nation.  Under pressures of all kinds, strangers were expelled and even martyred, with many local believers. The road ahead indeed was harsh, difficult, but the sacrifice of so many Christians, mainly Chinese, is now consecrated by the recent Canonization, Oct.1, by John Paul II, in Rome.

A gesture not intended as a vengeance, a retort, but only and truly to celebrate a victory of faith and to invite understanding, that Christians are not meant to be enemies of the State but to cooperate and help their nation towards every progress, opening minds to the higher aims of humanity and morality. For that we celebrate and extend a warm hand of reconciliation and goodwill.

In an ancient hymn in honour of the Innocent Children of Palestine murdered by Herod to rid himself of the danger of the coming of the Messiah, the poet exclaims: Impious and cruel Herod, what is your fear? He does not affect your material gains, who ensures the eternal ones!

Let us work for the blessings of reconciliation and peace. Happy Double-Ten!

none Former U.S. Congressman Bob Dornan receives Cardinal Yu Pin Award from Father Paul Chan

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