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Tuesday, 29 January 2002

Mr Bob Fu, Executive Director
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Letter II:


Your daughter is missing you very much. At the same time, I'm also worrying about my beloved teacher whose life is in danger. Since the evening of August 13 when Yuan and I were arrested, several months have passed and I have been praying in my heart: Lord Jesus, I want you to come. On the evening of August 14th, Yuan and I were taken to Zhong Xiang detention house where our hands were tied behind our backs with rope. At that time more than ten brothers and sisters were arrested. The interrogation started on August 15th and those who had been interrogated were taken to another cell. On the evening of 16th (when it was almost midnight), they [the police] forgot to put those who had been interrogated to another cell, so they took Song Fengju to our cell. Song had been interrogated for a whole day and we noticed that she was very down.

Under the pressure of our persistent request, she started to tell us a little bit of what had happened to her. She said that she was beaten as soon as she was taken there. They stick an iron bar like a loaded gun into her shirt and pressed it against her chest. Since she was tied with her feet to the floor, she couldn't do anything. When we unbuttoned her shirt, we could see blisters as big as a pea on her chest and breasts. These blisters were obviously burn marks, which were also on her arms and feet. As sisters, we felt so insulted to see the burn marks on her chest.

On August 17th, Yuan and Hao were taken away for interrogation. They were questioned in different small rooms that were used as temporary interrogation rooms. As soon as they were taken into the rooms, the three interrogators shut both windows and doors. They started to persuade them to talk. When they found that didn't work, they hit their mouths and bodies with an electric bar. Yuan cried with pain. The police began to strike her right chest with the electric bar. Yuan tried very hard to protect herself by folding her arms around her chest. They grasped her hair and poked her back and the inner part of her upper legs, yelling: "Talk! If you don't talk, I will strip you completely and beat you. This is not considered as raping but just coping with people like you." With that threat, they grasped the front part of her shirt and tried to pull it down. Yuan was trying hard to protect herself but she couldn't move because her feet were tied to the floor. Another policeman who was taking notes kicked her knees. She was interrogated like that until midnight when she was taken back to the cell. But she was told to get her clothes and bowl and then she was taken to the other cell (Hao was also taken away in this way).

On the morning of August 18th, Lin and I were taken out for interrogation. I was told to sit in a bed against to the wall as soon as I walked in. Less than ten minutes later I heard some cursing and beating in the next room. Soon my feet were shackled. A person in charge of religions came in and told me: "The Communist Party allows you to believe in God, but that doesn't mean that the Party believes in God." His words made me realize that it was naïve to try to reason with them. What's the point to talk with them since we are prisoners on death row! It is impossible to have a religious court in China. Less than half an hour after the interrogation, they began to beat me and tried to pull out my hair. A younger interrogator grasped the front part of my shirt, shouting: "Speak out fast: how many times did you sleep with your teacher? Don't pretend to be a virgin. Why do you button up? I could strip you to see how much of a virgin you are." I held my shirt tight and wouldn't allow them to tear it apart. However a button was torn away. This interrogator began to poke my chest with an electric bar that had just been charged. I tried to block it with my hand while shouting for help. So he tried to stop me by shocking my mouth with the bar. He threatened to tie my hands behind my back if I kept stopping him. When he saw that I was trying to protect my chest, he poked my legs with the bar and several times the bar almost touch my private part. He also beat me on my calves. I felt so painful that I just wanted to die at that time. I tried to protect my legs, my chest and the lower part of my body. So he hit me on the back and forced me to sit straight, then he hit my chest and legs. I thought that I couldn't take it any longer. It was already late at night and I was all by myself. Then an interrogator came in with a bare chest and shorts. I made up my mind that if he stripped off my clothes, I would die. Since I was determined to die, I didn't try so hard to protect myself when he pushed the electric bar onto my chest. These interrogators were probably exhausted, and they stopped beating me. It was already 2:00 am.

By 4:00 am they kept questioning me until I gave them a phone number. They let me rest a little bit because a new day was coming. After the dawn, they started the interrogation again but didn't beat me this time because my chest was already covered with bruises from so much beating. There is a scar on my left breast. Whenever I see it I feel so insulted and sad. However, compared with what the teacher and other sisters and brothers had gone through, my suffering is almost next to nothing.

Dear mother, please pray for us more. Yuan doesn't want her family to visit her. She got the money and clothes her family sent. Don't worry about us.


Letter I

Letter III.

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