Catholic Support for Falun Gong
Tuesday, 23 July 2002

by Ann Noonan

Washington, D.C. - Thank you for welcoming the
participation of the web site along with all Falun Gong members and their supporters at this rally to call for an end to the persecution of women, men and their families who suffer religious and spiritual persecution in China.


The suffering of Falun Gong members is not unique to their members in China. Roman Catholics and other Christians are suffering for their religious beliefs, too. This persecution continues and worsens at a time when China is given greater freedom in international business dealings and global finance. Roman Catholic Bishops and priests are still being imprisoned and tortured for their dedication to leading their faithful. Places of worship are destroyed. Despite all this, the number of faithful continues to grow.

There exist international communities of fellowships beyond national
boundaries that recognize Falun Gong practitioners, Roman atholics and other Christians. Unlike other nations, when China's citizens worship or practice their spirituality in communion with those outside China's borders, China's government may accuse them of "offending public sensibilities," spreading "dangerous superstitious beliefs," "being a hostile force to split China," "disrupting social stability," or "using religion to infiltrate China."

Christian worshippers in China are arrested and sentenced to laogai camps for clapping their hands, crying or dancing in response to the joy God gives them when they worship. Falun Gong practitioners are arrested and sentenced to laogai camps for waving their arms in silence while peacefully meditating.

Roman Catholics and other Christians inside China suffer if they speak up against any evil - including the mass corruption of China's Communist Party. They also suffer when they speak up against the physical and mental torture of ordinary Chinese people because they refuse to renounce the Falun Gong's founder, Li Hongzhi.

As a baptized Catholic, I will continue to pray for the gift of hope, that through our faiths and spiritualities, we can convert many hearts and work toward a civilization of love where all human life will be respected.

May God bless us always.

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